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100th post is next...

2012-05-09 17:19:27 by DriftLV1

Wow, i've been here what, like 4-5 years and i'm finally nearing my 100th post. My popularity has of course died in the last few months, and it's obvious why. I have no motivation, and I have not TOUCHED MF7 since that post with the screenshot. I literally have no inspiration, and Krinkel's new toon which was basically a repeat of what we've seen for years but this time more boring, has offset me even more.

I have promised myself and all of you that i WILL work on MF7 throughout the summer, and although i've been forgotten, I will live up to that promise. 100th post will be the release of MF7. Stay tuned to here for updates, and my site aswell.

Update: Madness Flageration is STILL at a stand-still. I don't know if it will ever be done, but whatever. Every madness animator has like, left the planet and madness seems dead. Pretty sad, I remember all the good times on this site. At the rate the animations are coming, i'm guessing MF7 will be the last original madness animation out there. I have striven to innovate on the formula and have some pretty cool ideas to keep it fresh, and offer a different kind of ending than most madness animations have done.

As for me, life has me by the balls, so i'm very inactive. Hopefully MF7 will be done in the next few years, but sometimes hope just isn't enough to inspire.

Madness Flageration 5 on YouTube!

Madness Flageration 6 on YouTube!


I'm still alive, folks. I probably won't be on NG in the future, so I finally convinced myself to finish MF7. It will most likely be the last animation I'll ever do, at least for this site. It's going to be super long and filled with my terrible artwork. Anyways nobody is probably around to read this anymore, because madness animators are dead, just like madness itself. Kind of sad really, there was a great community of people who devoted their time to making classic madness tributes back in the day. This madness day was pretty dull to be honest. I used to be hyped about all the big name madness animators, most of which have moved on, submitting their awesome animations. Welp, I might as well leave you with a screenshot too. A screenshot that really highlights my philosophy: Madness should be dark and violent as fuck. MF7 will hopefully make even the least sensitive gore fans a bit sick.


A collab that was inspired by me! =D I never thought my lazy animation design would become popular enough to warrant something like this. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/655092


Another fucking update: Okay, so is it just me or has MF6 been removed from the site? I can't find it under my "movies" tab. Wtf. I received no message about this and I just noticed it today. Well, that really sucks. Upon further investigating it apparently got un-published by the "moderation team" which means someone probably reported it. I got literally zero notification about when and why it was removed. Even this generic message doesn't say for sure what the reason was. This is absolutely unnaceptable and you'd think that after a decade of this site being up they'd have better removal policies. The only reason it gave me was "The music was probably unlicensed". Well I went to the page with the music and it says it is not authorized for commercial use. None of my animations have earned me a single cent in any sort of revenue, so I'm pretty sure MF6 is not commercial use. Even on Youtube where I reuploaded it there are no ads or anything, I'm not gaining any money from it (nor will I ever want to). Plus, there are other animations listed on the music page that use the exact same song and are still up.

So essentially my animation was taken down for no discernable reason and I wasn't notified whatsoever. Again, unnacceptable. It says I need to PM Tom Fulp but I don't really feel bothered to do so (again, unless you guys just wanna see it on here again). For now, it's still up on Youtube but I think the Youtube version has some weird audio issue (where one song keeps on playing when it shouldn't) so I guess you guys will have to deal with that. I think if MF7 is ever completed (which unfortunately isn't looking likely) I'll just upload it on Youtube but link it through newgrounds. 




Happy Easter

2012-04-08 15:16:20 by DriftLV1

You better be nice or the Easter bunny will molest you. I found that out the hard way last night.

Anyways not much to say, since nobody really even reads this. If you haven't heard already, 6B was cancelled, replaced by 7 bla bla bla go to the last post. Progress is good but not great.

How has your Easter weekend been going guys?

Also: Payback is a BITCH

Update: My shitty Google site.
I updated it (since it was untouched since 09) with stuff and added a FAQ section and HD versions of the screenshots. Maybe take a look, it's a crappy site and all, but yeah whatever. I will be updating my progress for MF7 alot on there.

Happy Easter

Before you punch a hole through your computer, get a gun, and track me down, I have some amazingly good news aswell!

Madness Flageration 7 is a go.

That's right, folks! I didn't like how 6B was going. It was going very slow and I was losing interest, and the animation was crap(excluding parts of the first room).

MF7 will have some of my own sprites (just heads), custom blood from Ellvis and Foist, and the great and amazing sound effects that MF6A had to offer(Which 6B lacked). Also most of the backrounds will be made by ME for once!

Madness Flageration 6B (Unfinished)

I know some parts were cool like the fight with Mr.Srs and Smiles, but the rest was crap.

Also, it doesn't contain any spoilers, the new script is vastly different. And let's just pretend MF6A is just MF6 (Because I can't change the title, lol. Fuck you NG redesign!)

Madness Flageration 6B has been CANCELLED.

Back in business

2012-03-20 19:54:43 by DriftLV1

I'm back to school and back to MF6B. I'm not working on it almost daily like when I first started, but i'm animating 100-500 frames every few days when I have time. I finally finished that gay fucking room, and i'm now onto the next.

Surprisingly, i'm only about 4000 frames in, yet i'm on the second last room, and about 70% done. I guess the last room (the ending) will really have to be long and epic (Like, 2000-3000 frames) in order for this thing to be long. So far I have 23 kills, but expect that to double with the final room.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting 2 months, but heres another screeny.

Edit: Does anyone know how to edit your favourites and stuff? I want to change some around.

Back in business

Hey...guess what?

2012-01-22 13:14:38 by DriftLV1


It's flu season...here's your SHOT!

Yeah i'm about half way done. I predict it may be out as early as March.

Update: The flageration collab has been cancelled. Everyone that was good left, and the people that remained weren't making parts, plus Xaker needed more experience to co-host a collab.
My part

New screenshot coming very soon guys. MF6B is back in action.

Hey...guess what?

Happy new shitty year

2012-01-01 14:39:41 by DriftLV1

Had a good time, partied, saw fireworks, and waited for hours for traffic (filled with drunks I might add) to move.

MF6B is doing good, haven't worked on it that much lately, taking a short break, and the flageration collab is doing good. Once again, talk to me or xaker for details, and send your parts to me once you're approved because I have the fla.

No screenies or whatever this post, i'm very tired anyway. How was your New years celebration (if you had any, lol)?

Merry christmas...eve

2011-12-24 13:30:11 by DriftLV1

I will be too busy on Christmas to be on NG, so i'll just post now.

I had an awesome birthday, got Skyrim and a lot of money, and I hope Christmas is even better :)

And about MF6B, well, it's over 2000 frames and like, 8 kills in, and i'm on the third room. Not too bad for only 14 days of work. I have also added a character bio thing on the menu, to get some insight on the various characters and the story. I might also add a "story so far" section, as many people are confused, mainly because I haven't even said what the story is.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy new year, and a good Christmas break. Cya!

Edit: FLAGERATION COLLAB IS BACK MUTHFUCKAS!!!!! talk to Xaker333 or me for sexy details.

Merry christmas...eve


2011-12-10 10:55:08 by DriftLV1

Well, i'm 21 today, and it feels great. I do miss highschool, and being a teenager, but life just keeps going, and won't stop for a second for you.

Anyways, MF6A is completely done, and it's going to be submitted right after I post this.
And MF6B is already under way. Peace!

Edit: It's out!



It's done.

2011-12-03 17:50:09 by DriftLV1

But still in the beta stage.

Things I need to do:
-Add music
- Fix bugs
- Add masking for some things
- Fix some movements

All in all, I don't really know if it's better than MF5, and I don't know if you guys will think it's better or not, but I put alot more effort into this one, with high quality sounds, some of my own sprites which took days, and so on. I also really made this fast.

Another thing is that it feels short, but it's longer than MF5 (7533 frames compared to MF5's 7202).

Well, it should be out before christmas, maybe even on my birthday :3

Anyways, do you guys have any music recommendations? If I can't find any decent music i'll just use 7.5's.


Edit: Here's a teaser to keep you satisfied while you're waiting. (Ignore the note and the 2011 part).

Edit Again: A disappointing 31 kills, I am very disappointed in myself. The next part I will make sure that it is fast paced as fuck, bloody as hell, and oozing with stylish kills, which this part lacked. This part actually reminds me of MC9, kind of boring and slow paced, but great at the beginning, and more story oriented.

It's done.

Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3

2011-11-08 15:53:25 by DriftLV1

Shit just got real, son.

I won't be on for like, 8 years now and that doesn't look good for my projects.

As if anyone cares anyway, bai!