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100th and final post!

Posted by DriftLV1 - 1 month ago

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well. I doubt anyone is still around to read this, but for anyone who somehow manages to find my obscure animations in the future, well here you go lol.

My last post was almost 10 years ago and I thought fuck it, why not make an update. There's no reason why I can't.

If anything I just want to thank this website and all you guys for such an enjoyable chapter/era in my life. I especially thank all the friends I used to talk to on here. I honestly have forgotten most of your usernames but just know that our interactions will never be forgotten by me. I fondly look back on the days from when I discovered Newgrounds, to when I learned how to animate madness and then started making halfway decent tributes. Despite using pre-made sprites and only using heads and hands I think I became fairly decent at animating.

I haven't worked on MF7 in about 6 years, and I obviously have no intention of finishing it. The madness community still seems to be somewhat alive and well, however pretty much all of the big names back in the day have left the site. It's crazy re watching their old animations or going through the long abandoned profiles of people I used to talk to. It's almost sad in a way.

Anyways I'm not here to leave you guys high and dry though, as I've uploaded what was done of MF7 as well as the original MF6B. I originally intended 6 to be 2 parts and I actually made good progress on the sequel before scrapping it entirely and starting on 7.

I had to upload it to a different channel though because I have no clue what email I used to create the original drift youtube account.

Madness Flageration 5

Madness Flageration 6

Madness Flageration 6B/7

MF6 isn't on newgrounds anymore, probably because it was using copyrighted music which is a shame. I managed to get daily 4th on it and a lot of views and ratings which was a huge achievement for me and it would be nice for it to still be up but alas it isn't. It's available on youtube though.

Thank you all for supporting me, and thanks for the everlasting memories. Good luck to all of you :)


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i missed you, hope u doing fine

Thanks man, means a lot. Glad to see you're still around. Hope you're doing good too :)

big dubs